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I hate the Idiot Nerd Girl meme, but I don’t hate Idiot Nerd Girl. She’s okay by me. I like her weary, wry smile, like she knows what the backlash is going to look like and has decided to say her piece all the same (Yes, I am totally projecting. But what do you think the original meme was doing? The only difference is the angle.). I like the idea of her getting so frustrated with dudes writing her off without listening that she literally self-labeled. I want to invite this kid to D&D night and lend her my dog-eared copy of Game Over. I want to ask her what comics she likes and why she likes them, hook her up with a progressive hackerhive, and generally do my part to build an inclusive community where she can be whatever the hell she wants to be. And if she wants to write “nerd” on her hand without backing it up with action, you know what? That’s okay, too.
Idiot Nerd Girl Has A Posse: Taking Back The Meme ‹ Feminspire
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